Getting to know your country better:

In this section you are going to find out more about the geography of your country. This involves producing one or more maps that will show the main political and physical features of your country.

As well as producing a detailed map, you must also find high quality photographs of the country you are researching. The photo’s might be of towns and villages, buildings and other man made structures like bridges. The photo’s should also be of the physical landscape, rivers, lakes, mountains.

A) What’s the capital?

Task 1) Capital City: Use Google maps to locate the capital city of your country. Once you have found it, mark its position on your map and label it neatly.


Kabul, the capital of Afghanistan

Task 2) Other Major Cities: What other cities are their in your country. Mark some of the other large cities onto your map.

Task 3) You may want to add other information to the map. Major road and rail links for example.

B) The Physical Geography of your country

What is the landscape of your country like? Are the mountains, rivers, lakes, forest etc?

An ancient bridge on the Bala Morghab River Afghanistan.jpg
An ancient bridge on the Bala Morghab River Afghanistan

Task 4) Explore: Open Google Earth and use it to explore your country. Click on the photo links to see more detail of what the landscape is like.

Task 5) Rivers Mountains and Lakes: Using Google earth, Google maps and atlases to find the names and locations of the major rivers, mountains, lakes, seas and other important physical features. Add these to your map.

sar e zamin ha.jpg
sar e zamin ha, Afghanistan

Task 6) Natural Resources. Do some research to find out what natural resources your country has. Maybe there is oil or mineral deposits, maybe there are rivers that are suitable for energy production, fertile land that’s great for agriculture or beaches that will attract tourists.

Task 7) Natural hazards and disasters. Is your country at risk from Natural Hazards such as floods, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions etc. In part 3 we will be looking at the climate of your country but you can start to think about climatic hazards such as tropical storms here.

Afghanistan, A land of contrast:

You can learn a lot about a country from photographs. Look at the photo’s below; they are all from Afghanistan.

afghanistan collage.jpg
A Collage of Afghanistan made on

Discussion point for Essay :

In your Essay you should discuss how the physical geography of your country has affected its development. For example, mountains make transport and building difficult, flat land is excellent for building and agriculture. The availability of natural resources should boost economic development.