The World of 7 Billion: An interactive map from National Geographic

7 billion map.jpg


1) Describe the location of the countries with the lowest income.

Pick four countries, one from each of the income groups shown in the National Geographic map above. Now open a word document and put each countries name at the top of page.

2) Find a map sowing each countries location

3) Describe each countries location in as much detail as you can.

4) Now generate the most recent population pyramid possible for each country using

5) The national geographic interactive map compares each of the income levels using a range of development indicators. Use the CIA Factbook to find current date for each of your countries using the same development indicators.

6) Using the information that you have gathered and any other information you have, explain which stage of the DTM each of your four countries is in. Make sure you use the data to explain your answer.