This video is an excellent introduction to Volcanoes. Make sure you watch it!

The Most Incredible Photo’s of Volcanic Eruptions


A Google Earth overlay of the Holocene Volcanoes.


Types of Volcanoes.jpg

Types of Volcanic Eruption from Wikipedia.

tectonic activity map.pdf

Task 1:

  • Create a table showing the different types of Volcano, their style of Eruption,the type of Lava (Magma) they produce, the type of plate boundary they are found on, their shape and an example of each.
  • Why do different volcanoes produce different types of Lava?
  • How does the type of plate boundary affect the type of Lava a volcano produces.
  • What is the connection between the Lava and Eruption Style of a Volcano.

Why Live Near a Volcano: The Advantages to Iceland.

Iceland’s energy answer comes naturally

Jessica Aldred visits Reykjavik to find out how Iceland is tapping into its renewable energy resources as it prepares for a low-carbon future

iceland vistor info.PNGé


Task: 2)

i) Read through the information above about the benefits that Volcanoes bring to Iceland. Make notes under the headings Tourism and Energy

ii) Answer the following exam style question. “For a named location, explain why many people continue to live in areas at risk from volcanoes. [5]”