Comparing the Japanese earthquake to an earthquake in an LEDC.

Japan is a wealthy country and you have seen the impact that the earthquake and tsunami had on the country.

You should now complete a second “Natural Hazard Note Taking Frame” that covers another earthquake in an LEDC.
Natural hazard note taking frame.doc

Here are some useful links to get you started.

Gujarat, Pakistan, January 2001

Quake leaves million homeless
E-mail: The day the earth shook
Press faults quake relief effort
Rival Pakistan offers India help
UK steps up quake aid
Tragic lessons of India’s quake
Gujarat earthquake: The scars remain
Hope rises from Gujarat’s ruins
Gujarat’s astonishing rise from rubble of 2001 quake
Gujarat earthquake a ‘blessing in disguise’

From Rubble to Recovery, Ten years after the earthquake.

Haiti, 2010

The video below contains scenes of injured people that you may find upsetting.

Haiti quake hardship two years on

Haiti two years after the quake – audio slideshow

The comparison.

Once you have collected the information on a second earthquake, you should then make a direct comparison. To do this, create a table similar to the one in the word document below. Make your comparison as detailed as possible.
comparing MEDC and LEDC earthquakes.doc