Unit 1: Population

1.1 Population dynamics

  • Describe and give reasons for the rapid increase in the world’s population
  • Show an understanding of over-population and underpopulation

Causes and consequences of over-population and under-population

  • Understand the main causes of a change in population size.

How birth rate, death rate and migration contribute to the population of a country increasing or declining

  • Give reasons for contrasting rates of natural population change

Impacts of social, economic and other factors (including government policies, HIV/AIDS) on birth and death rates

  • Describe and evaluate population policies

Case studies required in 1.1

  • A country which is over-populated
  • A country which is under-populated
  • A country with a high rate of natural population growth
  • A country with a low rate of population growth (or population decline)

1.2 Migration

  • Explain and give reasons for population migration.

Internal movements such as rural-urban migration, as well as international migrations, both voluntary and involuntary

  • Demonstrate an understanding of the impacts of migration

Positive and negative impacts should be considered, on the destination and origin of the migrants, and the migrants themselves

Case study required in 1.2

  • An international migration

1.3 Population structure

  • Identify and give reasons for and implications of different types of population structure. Age/sex pyramids of countries at different levels of economic development

Case study required in 1.3

  • A country with a high dependent population

1.4 Population density and distribution

  • Describe the factors influencing the density and distribution of population.

Physical, economic, social and political factors

Case studies required in 1.4

  • A densely populated country or area (at any scale from local to regional)
  • A sparsely populated country or area (at any scale from local to regional)

Global Population:

Population Distribution and Density

The Demographic Transition Model ( The DTM)

Everything you need to know about population: