What is the GDP per capita of my country?

The GDP per Capita helps us see how wealthy a country is.

Task1: Introduction

Have a look at the map below and find your country. Using the key, find out which band your country is in? Do you think your country has a high GDP per capita?

via chartsbin.com
GDP Per Capita by Country of Year 2011, ChartsBin.com, viewed 12th November, 2012, <http://chartsbin.com/view/3552>.

Task 2:

How wealthy is my country.docx

a) My countries GDP/Capita : Open the “How wealthy is my country,” word document and save a copy to your Country Comparison Folder.

Doha, Quatar. Quatar has one of the highest GDP/Capita’s in the world.

b) Click here to go to the list of countries by GDP per Capita

c) Find the information for your country and add it to the table.

d) Exports: A country can make money from exports. Making things and selling them to other countries.

Follow this link and find out how much money your country makes from exports. Add the information to your table. Press save.

e) What does your country export? Go back to the CIA Factbook and find the exports for your country Make a list of these in your table. If you don’t know what they are you should try to find out using google.

Congo Coffee Farm.jpg
The Democratic Republic of Congo has one of the lowest GDP/Capita in the world. Many people work as famers, growing things such as coffee, sugar and bananas.

f) % of work force in Agriculture: In some countries, many people work as farmers. Can you find out the percentage of your countries population who work in agriculture. You can find the information here.

g) Add the data you have collected to the correct sheet on this google sheets document.

h) What about Imports? Find out the value of the goods imported into the country using this link. What goods are being imported? What do imports tell us about your country.

i) Go back to the CIA Fact-book and look at the Economy section of your country’s profile. Choose some other data that you could use to illustrate how wealthy your country is. Make sure that you can justify why you chose the data you did. Add this data

Afghanistan Example:

Your table should look something like the one below.
Afghanistan wealth example.png

Extension: Tourism in my country

One way for a country to make money is through tourism.

Do people go on holiday to your country?

What sort of things might they do whilst they are there?

Where do they stay?

Use as many photo’s as you can.

If there is no tourism in your country, why do you think this is? You could try searching the BBC News Website for answers.

The Shrine of Hazrat.jpg
Shrine of Hazrat Ali, a very beautiful building. Unfortunately Afghanistan is too dangerous for people to visit.