Carrying out Fieldwork:


Basel’s urban landuse does not correspond to the landuse suggested by the Burgess concentric ring model.

Data Collection:

Use this table as the basis for your data collection. You will need to edit and improve this table.


You will need to create and print off a map onto which you can mark the locations we have visited.

Presentation of Data:

Once you have completed the data collection we need to present it. You will need to decide which zone each of the locations you visited lies in.

Look at the zones in the Burgess model and create a key linking each location you visit to a zone in the model.

In order to do this you will need to create a list of criteria for each zone. You can then compare each zone to the criteria you have and then decide which zone each locations are in.

Once you have allocated each location to a zone, transfer this information to a map.

Analysis of Data: