Convection Currents: The Driving force

Plate Boundaries:

1) Start off by working through this interactive introduction.


2) Features of Plate Boundaries:

Explore the different plate boundaries using the animation below.

Plate Tectonics

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This diagram shows the major plate boundaries.

Complete the Plate Boundaries Info table using the following links.

Convergent Boundaries

a) Destructive Plate Boundary eg Andes (Nazca and South American Plate)

b) Collision Zone: eg The Hymalaya (Indian and Eurasia)

Plate Boundaries info table.doc


plate tect header.jpg

The causes and effects of earthquakes and how people respond to them

Exam Style Questions.

Extra Resources for Matura students.

Geology: Tectonic Europe par HawkingEarth

More detailed information on tectonics from

Good revision on Tectonics and natural hazards