What you should be able to:

• Describe the general distribution of fold mountains, volcanoes and earthquakes and explain how this

distribution is related to movements at plate boundaries.

• Show a basic understanding of plate tectonics, describing the global pattern of plates, their structure,

and an awareness of plate movements and their effects – constructive (plates moving away from

each other), destructive (subduction) (plates moving towards each other) and conservative (plates

sliding past each other).

• Demonstrate an understanding of the main features of volcanoes (and their eruptions) and


• Demonstrate an understanding of the hazards posed by volcanic eruptions and earthquakes through the use of contemporary case studies.You might be expected to illustrate the inter-relationships between the natural environment and human activities from data or make reference to the opportunities and problems posed for people in tectonically active areas.

Important Vocab:

Plate Tectonics Dictionay Definitions.doc

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