Upper Course: Waterfalls and Gorges



Exam Style Question:

Study Photograph above which shows a waterfall.

(i) Describe the natural features of the waterfall shown in the photograph. [3]

(ii) Describe the formation of a waterfall and gorge. You may (should) use diagrams to illustrate your answer. (7)

Rhine fall.jpg
What advantages and disadvantages does the Rhine Fall bring to the surrounding area?

Benefits from living near waterfalls



Jobs related to tourism e.g. guide, hotelier

Possible HEP potential

Possible Problems of living near waterfalls

Danger from fast flowing water (drowning)

Problems of creating transport links across or near falls (gorge)

Overcrowding an pollution from becoming a honeypot location

Navigation problems up and down river

(iii) Explain how the waterfall may bring both benefits and problems for local people. [5]


1) Watch the video below and label your own diagrams with ALL of the information from the video.


Ox Bow Lakes


Exam Style Question:

i) Describe and explain the main features of a river meander

ii) Draw a cross section of a River meander and label

iii) Explain how meanders migrate downstream

Braided River




1) Watch the video above and then click on the Delta heading and make illustrated notes on the different types of Delta.

The Formation of a Delta (from Greenfield Geography)

Exam Question

Study Fig. 6A, which shows the delta of the River Nile and Fig. 6B, which shows the delta of

the River Mississippi.

Delta exam Q diagram.PNG
Delta Exam Q diagram 2.PNG

(i) Describe three differences between the deltas of the rivers Nile and Mississippi. [3]

(ii) Explain how and why a delta is formed. You may refer to an example which you have

studied and include labelled diagrams. [5]