Rivers: Revision

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Rivers Glossary:

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The Charley River Yukon River Confluence (photo USGS)

28 January 2013

‘Major flood crisis’ hits Queensland, Australia

The Australian state of Queensland is facing a “major flood crisis”, its premier has warned.
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The BBC’s Nick Bryant reports on rooftop rescues across Queensland

Use the articles from Australia’s ABC News channel to put together a case study summary of the flooding that hit Bundaberg Your case study should be based around the exam question below. Use the mark scheme to ensure that you have enough detail.

Question from June 2009 Paper 1:

In many parts of the world the natural environment presents hazards to people. Choose an example of one of the following:

• tropical storm

• flooding

• drought

For a named area, explain the causes of the hazard which you have chosen and describe its

impacts on people living there.

Excerpt from mark scheme:

Level 1 (1–3 marks)

Statements including limited detail explaining the causes and/or describing the effects of flood/drought/tropical storm.

(e.g. heavy rain, impermeable rocks, flood plains built on, loss of life, damage to property etc.)

Level 2 (4–5 marks)

More developed statements explaining the causes and/or describing the effects of flood/drought/tropical storm.

(e.g. heavy rain falling over a relatively short period, impermeable rocks encouraging overland flow and rapidly raising river levels, underlying rocks river/constricting flow, loss of life as people drowned, damage to houses and carpets etc.)

Level 3 (6–7 marks)

Uses named example (e.g. River Lyn).

Comprehensive and accurate statements explaining the causes and describing the effects of flood/drought/tropical storm, including some place specific reference. (e.g. thunderstorms associated with frontal depression formed torrential rain – 229 mm near Longstone Barrow on Exmoor, saturated from previous rainfall as it had rained for 12 of the previous 14 days, impermeable rocks of Exmoor encouraging overland flow and rapidly raising river levels, river had been diverted and its channel made narrower due to building of hotels in Lynmouth, bridges over river trapped boulders and formed temporary dams, 34 people drowned, 130 cars and 19 boats destroyed etc.)

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