The Science Behind a Tropical Storm

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How a hurricane forms.PNG

Use the information above and pages 186 and 187 in your text book to answer the questions below.

What terms are used for intense tropical storms in:

i) the Indian Ocean and Bay of Bengal?

ii) the South China Sea?

iii) the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean Sea?

b) What does the speed of the wind have to be before the names you have given in answer to question a are used?

c) Create a labelled diagram that explains the formation and structure of a tropical storm.

d) Describe the changes as an intense tropical storm passes, in terms of :

i) pressure

ii) wind speed

iii) wind direction

iv) rainfall.

Hurricane Irma:

Irma visual guide.PNG

Irma Path map bbc.png

1) Was there any warning?

Irma projection.PNG

Hurricane Irma: storm heads to Caribbean as states of emergency declared

People move to safety in Cuba.jpg
People move household items to safety in Caibarien, CubaPhotograph: Adalberto Roque/AFP/Getty Images

Hurricane Irma: Caribbean braces for ‘extremely dangerous’ storm

Hurricane Irma: Florida prepares for storm

Hurricane Irma is expected to make landfall in South Florida at the weekend and many residents have already chosen to evacuate.

I-95 Irma evacuation.jpg
Northbound lanes of I-95 near the Georgia-South Carolina border are busy as people attempt to evacuate at-risk areas.

2) What impact did the storm have?

As it happened: the Live feed as Hurricane Irma passed through the Caribbean.

Hurricane Irma has caused catastrophic damage in several Caribbean islands, killing at least 27 people and leaving thousands homeless.

The Cost of the Hurricane and the Long Term Impact

Economic cost of Hurricane Irma ‘could reach $300bn’

JPMorgan: Irma will be one of the 5 most costly hurricanes from CNBC.

How the Caribbean islands are coping after hurricanes Irma and Maria


Your Orange Juice Could Cost $8 Because of Hurricane Irma

Upwards of 70% of South Florida’s orange crops were destroyed when Hurricane Irma tore through the region, and experts say the repercussions will be felt far beyond the Sunshine State—namely, in the form of skyrocketing orange juice prices all over North America.

But it could have been much worse.

Case Study Note Taking

When researching this case study you should make notes under the following headings:

When did the hurricane happen?

What areas were affected by the hurricane?

How do hurricanes form?

What preparation/warning was there?

What was the immediate impact?

What was the medium term impact?

What was the long term impact?

What has been done to reduce the impact of further Hurricanes?

Remember to use place specific information wherever possible. Just saying that the Hurricane happened in New Orleans is not enough. Which areas where the worse affected?

Here is a note taking frame to help you structure your notes.

Natural hazard note taking frame.doc

Exam Questions:

Name an area which you have studied where tropical storms occur. Describe the problems which they cause for people living in your chosen area.( 7)

In many parts of the world the natural environment presents hazards to people. Choose an example of one of the following:

• tropical storm

• flooding

• drought

For a named area, explain the causes of the hazard which you have chosen and describe its impacts on people living there. [7]